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You Use the Same Cable for HDMI Video and HDMI Audio

You Use the Same Cable for HDMI Video and HDMI Audio
Tainted Joe - Thu Sep 20, 2012 @ 12:20PM
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I know. I'm a lttle backwards. Not too long ago I finally gave up my VCR, and I still miss 8 Track Tapes. But, I also remember the days when to hook up your computer monitor and speakers you had to use two separate connections. One was a cable or line to your speakers from your computer, and the other went to your monitor. It was only recently I traded in my old PC with the VGA monitor. Actuall I threw it in a dumpster, and not even the recycle bin. Then I went to Best Buy and bought a computer and an LCD monitor. The speakers were built into the thing! Anyway, I only had one cable that said HDMI on it, so I figured it went to the monitor. But, I couldn't find the cables that connected the audio. In fact, there wasn't anywhere to plug in the audio on the computer or the monitor with the built in speakers. Dang it, I thought, so I just decided to see how the thing worked without any sound. Boy was I amazed when the sound came on! Then I learned the days of dual connections were over. HDMI audio and video now go through the same cables.

Apparently, this all has something to do with all the newest electronics using digital data to transfer both audio and visual media. It all travels through the same channels, or the same HDMI cable cord now, be it sound or images. I must say setup is easier than ever!

Comments: 35


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