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Should Employees have Access to Facebook at Work?

Should Employees have Access to Facebook at Work?
Tainted Joe - Mon Jun 11, 2012 @ 05:08PM
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Do you think employees should be able to use Facebook at work? Opinions are across the board. Draconian managers say no. Liberal managers say why not? Ultimately it comes down to productivity. Does Facebook decrease or increase productivity? On its face, we might agree with the Draconian managers. Employees are most productive when all they do is work. To the extent they are goofing off, they are not getting any real work done. The liberal managers might say not so fast. People are not machines. They need breaks, distractions, and a little play. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? If all he does is work, work, work, he becomes lethargic and his wheels start spinning slowly. It takes him 10 hours to do 5 hours of work. If only he could play a little on Facebook, say an hour per day, he'd get 9 hours of work done in 10 hours! A 4 hour boost in productivity in return for one hour of play!

However, does it really work that way? We don't know for sure, but one way to handle the problem is not to assume that Facebook time is the issue. If employees are not producing, and you think Facebook is the culprit, why not just set work quotas? In other words, tell employees they have to make X number of widgets per hour. That is their job. If they get it done, good. If they don't then maybe they need to be fired. Maybe they will Facebook a little less if they have to hit goals or say bye bye?

Comments: 29


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