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HDMI TV is Too Much Trouble

HDMI TV is Too Much Trouble
Tainted Joe - Fri Apr 13, 2012 @ 01:03PM
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Where do I start? I think I start back when I was happiest. Remember when you had to be home to receive a phone call? The phone was on a cord and because you had to stand there and talk, the conversation was usually short and sweet, you said what you had to say, and you hung up and went back to your orderly life.  If you were out and about, there were no distractions. No texts, no calls, no last minute changes in plans. There it goes, that BEEP BEEP! BUZZ BUZZ! Or maybe you have a ringtone of Johnny Cash's Ball and Chain. That would be an appropriate one for a cell phone. Isn't that the worst part of having an iPhone, or any mobile phone for that matter? You can never just escape being plugged in, run by the machine. Remember the movie The Matrix? I think that happened just a few years after HDMI on TV became the standard in households around the world. It is just too much trouble! I want to be my own man! I don't want to be run by a bunch of gagets! Whatever happened to a good old fashioned nature hike? Now if you go on a nature hike, a bunch of people are standing around talking on their cell phones, or they are so busy taking pictures of the nature around them that they don't even stop to enjoy the real, live nature around them until after they get home and look at the pictures they took with their iPhones. Then the real life nature experience is gone. What does this rant have to do with HDMI TV? Ok, let me explain.

Getting hooked into HDMI TV is like becoming one of the guys plugged into the Matrix and you are just dreaming you are having a life, but the reality is you are being run by a machine. First you have to buy the HDMI TV. That's what? $2500? Then the Blue Ray Player? $250? Then HDMI cable? $140 per month? That is a lot of money, plus, once you have it all up and running, you just sit there and watch the clear picture and hear the crystal clear sound. That's nice, but you are just sitting there, granted it is like you are really there but not really. Do you get my point? I know I'm scatter brained today. Hold on a second. My cell phone is buzzing. Gotta get this.

Comments: 31


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