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Make sure you look in the Employee Handbook

Make sure you look in the Employee Handbook
Tainted Joe - Thu Apr 05, 2012 @ 07:51AM
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Before you sign an employment contract always check out the employee handbook because if there is anything not clearly set forth in your contract but it is in the employee handbook, you are stuck with what is in the employee handbook. You might think you naturally get a whole month paid vacation off every year because you are a manager or director and that's just expected. Not so fast. If you don't have vacation days in your contract and the employee handbook says you only get 10 paid days a year, you are not getting the month of vacation you are expecting. You are getting 10 days. And these days it seems no one in any company believes in work-life balance. It isn't productivity driven by an invigorated and happy employee that matters. They want to see sad faces pointed down in little cubicles. Not you! You are going to be happy because you made sure to get your Vacation included in your employment contract!

Comments: 25


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